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Our Value


We are loyal to posts and duties,

Providing customers better and more complete coated products


We are diligent in learning, working, innovation and exploration, and active in making improvement and creating more values for customers.

Universal Love

Love given by Chengli is like the care of brothers and sisters and the instruction of teachers. Chengli provides platform for self-realization and warms employees’heart with the commitment of he who works in Chengli even if only for one day will always be treated as the member of Chengli.


We share joys and also achievements.

Share reflects the generosity and responsibility, the award to our diligence.

Share also means selfless love given by Chengli.


Address:No.18 Ceramic Industrial Park, Tongcheng Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province.

Tel: 0086-715 4332888, 0086-715 4332777   Fax: 0086-715 4332111

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